Returning hired sheets and towels

Returning used linen is to be done after the 7 day hiring period. Simply bring back the used, hired sheets and towels to our storage facility:

Kennards Storage
1-19 Booth St
NSW 2050

Return your linen to unit Y531, down the central corridor and to the right. There is a simple map showing the location below.

Access is via the 24-hour gate on Guihen Street:

When your order is ready to collect, we will send you a code to Kennards' security gate, and the combination to the storage unit padlock. Please always use the gate code to enter and leave, do not 'tailgate' through as this may set off the alarms. 

If you suspect that any of the stock you have hired is missing or damaged, let us know as soon as possible. 

Our Terms of use include that we can recall items or undertake a stocktake of hired sheets and towels.