Ordering guide - how many sheets and towels to hire

Use the information on this page before placing your order to hire sheets and towels.

Key points

It's important to be able to respond to bookings quickly, so you need some hired sheets and towels in reserve at your property.

We recommend hiring two or three full sets of linen in your first order. As you use the linen, order more to top up your supply and return the used linen. This way you are never caught short.

Remember that there is a lead time of up to 48 hours to fill an order, so you will need to hire more sheets, towels and other linen as your stocks run low. 

You need to find the balance between ordering fresh linen, the number of bookings at your property, storage available and how often you want to return used linen. 

Toiletries and other consumables that we sell are in bulk quantities as they are easier to store and so should not need to be ordered so often. 


  • on your first order, make sure you will have enough linen to deal with upcoming bookings to give yourself time to top up your order before you run short
  • use the website to order what you need
  • we will let you know by email when your order is ready to collect. This will be within 48 hours of placing your order
  • book a courier online as part of your order, one way and return available
  • place your next order when your supply has only one change of linen left.


  • pick up your order from Kennards Storage, 1-19 Booth St Camperdown NSW 2050
  • Kennards is open for collection, return and couriers from:
    7.30am to 7pm Monday to Friday
    9am to 5pm Saturday
    and 10am to 4pm Sunday.


  • NEW – return delivery now available on ordering
  • when you order, select courier delivery: one way or with a return label
  • returns are slightly more expensive as used laundry is a larger volume than freshly pressed.

See our page Returning used linen for details on what to do once your linen has been used.